2023 Olympic Sailing Classes:
A Look into the Future

Sailboat Racing

Essential tools
Short answer: Nautical navigator A nautical navigator is an expert in the field of navigation, specifically for marine vessels. They
Yacht Braid
== Short answer yacht braid: == Yacht braid, also known as double braid, is a type of rope made by
Nautical Plotting Tools
Short answer: Nautical plotting tools Nautical plotting tools refer to a set of instruments used by navigators and sailors for
Spinnaker Asymmetrical
Short answer: Spinnaker asymmetrical A spinnaker is a sail used in sailing to boost speed when the wind is coming
Airfoil Sailboat
Short answer: Airfoil sailboat An airfoil sailboat is a type of boat designed with an airfoil-shaped keel or foil, which
Short answer marine rules of the road: Marine rules of the road refer to the regulations and conventions that govern
Short answer sailing terms list: A comprehensive list of sailing terms includes important words and phrases used in the sport
Short answer sails on a sailboat names: Sails on a sailboat are typically named according to their position and function,
Short answer rules of the nautical road: The rules of the nautical road, also known as international regulations for preventing